Alexandra Druzhinin is a Moscow-born accessories designer, who aims to create an exclusive collection of designs that can be individual and admired. The brand is built on the foundation of high-end accessories, a responsible mindset, innovative approach to materials and design, offering premium products to individuals that seek exclusive and unique design to stand out. 

The great wealth of fashion and readily available design creates an insatiable appetite for the new and novel, meaning that products become easily replaceable and discardable. The brand intends to address the endless consumption by producing accessories that are a defense against consumer fatigue and therefore suggest longevity. 

The handbag collection is in part a response to the contemporary culture of consumption and the throw away culture, which values the quick turnover of seasonal pieces at the expense of items that women may keep for life. Each handbag is individually crafted by using the selection of sustainable wood and the finest materials sourced in Europe with unparalleled attention to detail, commitment to quality and making products for the long haul. The creation process for each handbag takes a hundred stage process with individual production time of up to 9 weeks.

With a core focus on promoting responsible consumption, the brand strives to source environmentally conscious materials with production taking place in Europe and is committed to take responsibility for their supply chain that respects the environment as well as people working with them.