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In this collection of handbags tradition meets innovation in the best possible combination.

The strap slogan reads ‘skoro ves mir budet nash’, meaning, soon the whole world will be ours, a meaningful phrase taken from a famous Russian poster.

The creation of our bags is a hundred stage manufacturing process with individual production time of up to 12 weeks. Each bag is individually cut out of sustainable European wood using innovative wood milling technology. Produced in Europe and assembled in the UK, this square bag is classic by shape, light-weight and has cutting edge durable, easy to clean finish.

For all our bag linings we use circular material called ECONYL, a type of innovative fabric created from processing plastic waste such as old fishing nets, plastics, old carpets and scraps of old nylon captured from our oceans. The bag has magnetic closure concealed within the lining.

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With love from our studio in London.